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We offer a variety of services from repairing computers, tablets, mobile phones to TVs.

So if your laptop or tablet is broken or not working properly why not bring it into our workshop for a free diagnosis* or just give us a call. We have over 30 years of experience combined in this field so you can be at peace of mind that your computer is in safe hands.

Below is a list of the most common services we carryout regularly.

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Virus or Malware Removal

If your desktop or laptop has a virus infection our experts can get rid of it and give you some tips on how to take preventitive measures in the future. Some common symptoms of an infection include: lots of unwanted popup messages, a slow pc, loss of data or even your internet browser directing you to an unintended website. So if your computer has been infected or hijacked we would recommend you to turn if off and contact us immediately.

Broken Screen

We can replace broken or faulty laptop, tablet or mobile phone screens. We usually keep the most common screens in stock so most repairs can be carried out the same day. Unfortunately we do not replace TV screens. When that breaks it usually means its time for a new one.

Hard Disk \ SSD Replacement

Is your laptop very slow? Does Windows try to repair itself quite often? or even worse does it say "No operating system or bootable device found"? If so, chances are your hard disk is faulty. This peice of hardware includes your operating system and any software you use on the computer. It will also have your important documents and pictures stored on it. We can replace the hard disk for you and get your pc up and running again.

OS Installation

We can install a variety of operating systems on your computer, tablet or even mobile phone:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Android
  • Linux

Data Recovery

If you have accidently deleted all your important files or lost your precious photos it can be very frustrating. No need to worry we are here to help. As soon as you realise your files are missing it is important to stop using your computer for a sucessful recovery. In most of our cases we have managed to recover customer data successfully without the need of sending it off to a special data recovery lab which can be very costly. So give us a try first we maybe able to save you alot of money and heartache.

Broken Charging Socket

Phone or laptop not turning on or charging? Its quiet common for the socket to break or be worn out from pluging the charger in and out every day. Our skillfull technitians can replace the socket for you. We can also test your charger for you and if it is faulty we provide high quality replacement or branded chargers. Be carefull of buying very cheap ebay chargers as they can cause damage to your gadget or even cause fires. The chargers we supply have been quality tested and certified.

PC or Laptop Fan Clean


Computer Upgrades


* Terms and conditions apply. See our T&Cs.